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blues logo for lesson series pagesWelcome to "Blues for Piano and Keyboard"

Below, you'll find a huge library of online piano and keyboard lessons devoted to the delicious sounds of Blues and Black Gospel.

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Chapters 4 and 5
  • "Your first nitty gritty Right Hand "Voicing"
  • "Puttin' it all together"
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Chapter 6
 (section 1)
  • "Adding another Blues Riff: Blues Riff #2"
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Chapter 6
 (section 2)
  • "Looking at the Individual notes of Riff #2"
  • "Alternating Riffs #1 and #2 clear through the 12 bar blues"
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Chapter 7
 (section 1)
  • Comp Chords: "A new Blues technique for your LEFT HAND"
  • "The secret to great COMP Chords: The TRI-TONE"
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Chapter 7
 (section 2)
  • A detailed "How-to"
  • "Listen to the 12 Bar Blues played using COMP Chords"
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Chapter 8
  • "Expanding the Static Riff"
  • "Video of the Static Riff + the Connector"
  • Playing the 12 Bar Blues using:
    • The Extended Static Riff
    • Modified Blues Riff #1
    • The Extended Static Riff
      (All the way down the keyboard!)
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Chapter 9
  • "Left Hand Propulsion" - A cookin' LEFT hand Black Gospel riff
  • Outlining this riff
  • Whole steps, half steps...
  • Adding a funky right-hand riff!
  • The "Octave Backflip"
  • All together now...
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Chapter 10
  • Tons of new blues riffs and techniques - check it out!
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Chapter 11
 (sections 1 through 4)
  • Welcome to the musical gym! This lesson is a FANTASTIC workout for your hands. Looking to build SPEED and POWER? This is the lesson you need...
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Chapter 12
  • Over 20 new Blues Piano Riffs!
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Chapter 13
  • Fusion! - With Chapter 13, we begin merging the fantastic chords and riffs of the Blues/Swing style with the 'Straight Eighths' rhythms of rock.
  • This is a very in-depth video lesson, covering 12 new right hand riffs, left hand techniques, and the exploration of heavy duty jazz chords that will really bring the 'Fusion' sound to life. Enjoy...
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Chapter 14 
(sections 1 and 2)
  • Too much to list here, this advanced blues lesson digs into some of the concepts used by many pro blues and jazz piano players.
  • The "Tri-tone Chord Substitution", Alternate Chords and Voicings, the "Half-step" push... many advanced techniques and tricks to really add the blues to YOUR playing. Check out the online video!
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Chapter 15
  • Covering many new advanced keyboard blues concepts plus 18 brand new blues piano riffs, this lesson is a wealth of information for those who really want to dig in!
  • Using the blues introduction posted at the beginning of many of our lesson videos as a vehicle for study, this lesson goes through each riff in ultra slow motion, up-close video. You'll see each finger placement and chord voicing in detail.
  • After going through the previous 14 chapters of this course, you'll be ready for all of the riffs and concepts presented in this advanced lesson - Enjoy!
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Chapter 16
  • Get ready for a left hand workout! This very detailed lesson is almost a full hour and details one of the most common transitions between blues and jazz: the "left hand rootless voicing". This powerful musical device has the power to instantly "jazz up" your playing!
  • We'll look at some alternate blues chord progression turnarounds. As you know, the 12-bar blues is an art form that is alive and well - and it's always being customized! We'll dig into a set of intense alternate turnaround chords, and then we'll play those chords using the "left hand rootless voicings".
  • A large section of this lesson is devoted to walking you through the process of getting your hands used to playing these rootless voicings - effortlessly. I'll show you the one secret that will get these sounds out of your head and into your hands.
  • "Altered 7th chords?" You'll hear this term in jazz circles. We'll study what it means to make the right alterations!
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Chapter 17
  • This very in-depth lesson explores the concept of "Muscle Memory"
  • Using the technique of Muscle Memory, you'll teach your hands - as well as your mind - to remember chord shapes. By developing this skill, chords and voicings become "second nature" on the keyboard!
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Chapter 18
  • Right hand blues riffs, Left hand Tri-Tones and "The Road to Improvisation"!
  • Over an hour's worth of video as well as detailed charts.