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Ear Training 101
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Ear Training 101 Video Overview

Why is it so important that I master this "Ear Training" piano lesson?

To master this piano lesson, you have to learn to hear and recognize "intervals". I cannot emphasize strongly enough how important this is - in fact, if you don't have the ability to hear musical intervals and then replay them on the piano, you will be forever chained to written music, never able to be creative and play by ear. Ahhhhhh! Who wants to do that? Not me.

Interval = "The distance between two notes"

If you were just going to read music off a page for the rest of your life, it wouldn't be so important whether or not you learned to hear intervals accurately. However, if you want to play musical lines or chords BY EAR fluently, without any hesitation, your ear must learn to instantly recognize the distance between notes.

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No kidding - if you can't instantly hear the distance between notes, there is no way that you will ever be able to put together solo lines or chords on the keyboard by ear. This piano lessons program teaches that skill, and that's why it's so important!

Once you have got a grip on Melodies, jumpstart your ear-training by putting the program into "Chord Mode".

This will cause the program to play all notes at the same time - meaning your ear now has to distinguish where all the notes are without having them played one after the other. This is really a superb exercise for your ear... spend lots of time in "Chord Mode"!

"How much time should I devote to this piano lesson?"

It's real simple - just fire up this program once a day for 5 minutes and play! Do this for 6 months or so. At first, you'll have to start on level one and your score will be miserable, but after awhile, you'll be at much higher levels with a perfect score. You will have developed a fantastic set of ears! ("Nice set of ears ya got there")

"OK, I get the concept - but I want to get past all this theory and play SONGS on the Piano or Keyboard by ear."
(or "I want to compose songs on the keyboard by ear" or "I want to play by ear with a band" etc.)

I'm glad you asked! Now comes the fun part -

If you want to explode your abilities on the piano or keyboard, and you want to be able to play ANY SONG on the Piano or Keyboard, mosey on over here.

This is where you'll find a course that will teach you to play any song by ear using the revolutionary technique of "Rhythmic Patterns".

Ear Training 101 Piano Lesson Overview:

Ear Training 101 is a very powerful piano lessons program that is designed to develop your sense of "Relative Pitch".

(To fully understand "Relative Pitch", and how every great musician has mastered it, make sure you also read: "Why you MUST master this lesson" and "Will this give me Perfect Pitch"? - both articles are contained within the free download version)

There are two "Modes" that this keyboard lesson can be run in:

  • Melody mode
  • Chord Mode

To change Modes, select "Melody mode" or "Chord Mode" on the beginning screen. You can return there at any time by pressing the bright red "Change Level (Reset)" button.

Note: The absolute best way to train your ears is to go back and forth between modes. One day practice "melody mode", then the next day, study "Chord Mode", etc.

Melody mode:

The program will play a note on the keyboard and mark it with a blue number "1".

Then the program will play a second note on the keyboard, but will not mark it.

Your job is to listen to the first note, look where it is, then click the remaining notes that were played. At first, you may have a real tough time of it. But take heart - it's tough for most people at the beginning. Eventually, you'll be able to get all the notes right - even if you run the program at the hardest level.

Chord Mode:

Here's the good stuff. If you master "Chord Mode", you will be able to quickly hear and play any chord on the keyboard. This is similar to "Melody mode", except all notes are played at the same time. (The definition of a chord is "two or more notes played at the same time")

In the full version of this program, you can play up to 4 notes in "Melody Mode" or "Chord" Mode. Just like in "Melody mode", the program will show you one of the notes that it played. It's your job to listen and click all the other notes that you heard.

Go practice!

David Sprunger (author)


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