"Piano and Keyboard Blues Demo" - Ch. 1-3

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- An introduction to the Blues for Piano and Keyboard lesson.

This is the course introduction to chapter three taken from Blues for Piano and Keyboard. Gospel, Rock and roll, Country or Jazz: what do they have in common? Each one of these styles draws heavily on elements of the Blues. In fact if you want to become a great player of gospel, rock and roll, country or jazz you've got to first master the blues.

In this piano lessons chapter we are going to explore the form of the blues as well as some of the basic chord structures and patterns that give the blues their distinctive flavor.

Welcome to Blues for Piano and Keyboard!

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Gospel, Rock and Roll, Country and Jazz music all find their roots in the "I'm so lonesome I could cry" blues. Everyone knows when they hear music with the blues flavor, whether it's Black Gospel, straight up Rock and Roll, Rockin' Country or Swingin' Jazz... but very few musicians are able to produce this kind of music on the piano. You certainly can't learn to impart a bit of the blues to your piano music by reading it from a page... at least not very convincingly.

In fact the best way to learn to play piano blues is to hang out with someone who's playing the blues - you can look over their shoulder and steal their blues riffs, tips and techniques. All these things really bring this style to life. That's exactly what I hope to give you through this blues piano lessons course.

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