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"Using One simple Rhythmic Pattern to play an entire song..."

In this video:

-Playing a song using just one simple Rhythmic Pattern

On this piano lessons demonstration page, you'll hear a complete song played using the first musical rhythmic pattern demonstrated

Although it's very simplistic to play a song with only one pattern, it's a fantastic start as you learn to play the piano by ear!

If you've taken piano lessons at some point in your life, you know that it's unheard of to be able to play a song this quickly within a piano course. This is because most courses are based on rote learning, meaning you have to memorize many vast lists of chords and scales and so forth before you can play any songs at all.

Even though we've started very simply, don't underestimate the power of the Rhythmic Patterns technique. Although it can be grasped quickly and songs can be played by beginning piano students almost immediately on the piano, there really is no limit to how far you can advance on the keyboard using this technique.

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Remember at this point in the piano lessons we're using one simple "Rhythmic Pattern" to play a song. Even though the pattern is very simple, it's beautiful to listen to and fun to play. But here's the secret - this is only the beginning of this powerful piano lessons course.

The power of this technique really becomes apparent as you learn many more Rhythmic Patterns, and then begin to mix and match them in an infinite variety of ways to create arrangements of songs by ear.

This is the technique used by many professional pianists and keyboard players. Want to know more? To read more text info, go to this piano lessons page.

  1. Elizabeth Marion - July 31, 2013

    I took 6 years of classical when I was a kid. But now I want to learn to play by ear and learning different chord variations.

    • David Sprunger - July 31, 2013

      Hello Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by. You'll be in good company - we have so many piano students that have the exact same musical history as the one you shared. Many of them now send me recordings of themselves playing the keyboard! What a fun deal...

  2. Hannah - August 10, 2013


  3. lenora - October 12, 2013

    I'm excited, I've purchased your bundle package,,I signed up for your free online piano playing, I'm just ready to go..It's going to be fun, & I just purchased me a baby grand

    • David Sprunger - October 18, 2013

      Wow - just starting piano lessons and you run out to get a baby grand. I like the way you think! With that kind of ambition I would love to hear you play soon...

  4. Temitope Ogunsakin - December 15, 2013

    Hi David,
    I found your Pattern Piano course to be very helpful. I then also bought other downloads. I have lost my downloads due to a crashed computer and moving house. How can I get those downloads again?

    • David Sprunger - December 16, 2013

      Hello Temitope - no problem. Just shoot us an email using the "Contact Us" link on our site and we'll get you set up. Best wishes! David Sprunger

  5. Amith Wijesiri Gunawardana - January 25, 2014

    Amazing!! Amazing Tutorials!! Thank You Sir!!

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