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Wow, I'm so honored to be involved with all of you. Thanks for the opportunity. David Sprunger

Jim from New Jersey

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Piano Student Video Testimonials – Jim from New Jersey Piano Student Video Testimonials – Michelle from Australia Piano Student Video Testimonials - Brian from England Where did these piano student videos come from? Piano Student Testimonials - Ben W. Piano Student Testimonials - Bill from New York Piano Student Video Testimonials – Claretta from California Piano Student Video Testimonials – Earnest J. from the United States Piano Student Video Testimonials – Ed from Gaithersburg, Maryland Piano Student Video Testimonials – Greg from Washington State, USA Piano Student Video Testimonials – Matt from AcousticSelection Piano Student Video Testimonials – Mono from Ghana, West Africa Piano Student Video Testimonials – Nelson from Portugal Piano Student Video Testimonials – Perla from the United States Piano Student Video Testimonials – Ron from the United States Piano Student Video Testimonials – Theodore M. Piano Student Video Testimonials – Tom from Delaware Piano Student Video Testimonials – Lorna from Australia

  1. Marcia Brandreth - August 9, 2013

    David, pleased that I purchased the course.  I never thought, in all my years of playing piano in a rather set style, that I would be able to access knowledge from such a gifted teacher.Many thanks.

  2. Ahmed Wafik - August 28, 2013

    David, downloading the complete bundle was an incredible bargain. Thank you!

    • David Sprunger - August 28, 2013

      Ahmed - I'm glad you're happy about it. I think so too! :)

      Please keep me posted about how it goes as you dig into the lessons...

  3. Brilliant course, easy to follow and explanations, Thank David . Bargain deal. I feel direction now. I have many years experience as a singer, but piano always scared me, but now freedom.

    • David Sprunger - September 30, 2013

      Alan - I love your "freedom" comment. Super happy that you are now digging into the keyboard as well as singing - a "double threat"! ;)

  4. jazzchord - October 3, 2013

    This package is excellent. Very happy.

  5. David, i am a pianist for 8 years and i didn't study music. I just play at church and with a christian band that praise the Lord Jesus Christ. Piano is a part of me and i play by ear. And this course is so awesome and helpful for me to improve
    my technique the way i play. Many thanks and God bless you from above all.

    • David Sprunger - November 12, 2013

      Hello Ribih - I'm always so grateful to read that the piano lessons are helpful! Also really happy that you're playing in a group situation. Nothing hones your skills as much as locking in with other musicians! Thanks for writing.

  6. i'd like to know how much is this downloadable package thnx....

    • David Sprunger - November 21, 2013

      Hi Andy - we have a number of different specials that run from time to time. To check out the current offer, go here

  7. I have two goals during my upcoming retirement. To re-learn the piano and to learn to cook. I downloaded the full course and can see that the first goal is going to be much easier than I thought. Thanks so much for providing all this in-depth material at such a reasonable price. - Dave

    • David Sprunger - December 31, 2013

      Hi Dave - music and food, what a delicious combination. You're going to have a great retirement ;-)

  8. Bharathram - December 10, 2013

    I used to be a very basic player of piano who couldn't go beyond the basic chord patterns or probably some inversions. I purchased your entire course and started doing the Pattern piano lessons. It opened up the world of creativity , and now I am so happy to see that I am able to play across octaves and produce much better sounding patterns. Thumbs up... Great teaching and lessons...

  9. Carl Ringdahl–Berg - December 11, 2013

    Hi David! Greetings from Scandinavia. I purshased your program (which is the biggest bargain ever!) and am following with hungry eyes everyday. It's just fantasticly layed out and i really aspire to you as a muscisian and wanted to say thank you because you have made this program for people like me. I now feel a sense of direction and structure while practising and don't mind sitting for longer periods of time as the excersises and programmes are so fun and challenging at the same time. It's really well made and seeing as i go to the royal college of music in stockholm i will share my great thoughts on your program on facebook and through word of mouth so more people can take part of your awsome work. Thanks again! 
    Best Regars// Carl

    • David Sprunger - December 12, 2013

      Wow - Carl that really makes my day! Thank you for writing - I'm so glad you are encouraged to dig into the lessons. Reviews like that from a dedicated music student such as yourself are priceless to me. Thanks again.

  10. david israel - December 28, 2013

    its really nice of you to have the course now available for mobile 
    I already bought the course a couple of years ago and I want to purchase the mobile one 
    because that way when my son goes to his grandma's house where she does not have DVD or internet because she lives in Mexico but she has a piano he can practice on during vacations.These courses are really good.

    • David Sprunger - April 22, 2014

      Thanks David - I'm so happy that you and your son have been able to study and dig into the music!

  11.  and what happen if i don't have internet1x

    • David Sprunger - December 31, 2013

      Hello Ralph - if you don't have an Internet connection you can get all of the lessons in a complete DVD and book set.

  12. Gerald - January 21, 2014

    I really wanna purchase the downloadable bundle unfortunately we dont have paypal in our country zimbabwe,isnt there a way i can send the money to you then i get the lessons

    • David Sprunger - January 22, 2014

      Hi Gerald - there are other options besides PayPal in the shopping cart - look for the different credit card icons and they will process w/out needing to go through PayPal.

  13. Cornelia Schuster - January 28, 2014


    This is an AWESOME program! We have several musicians in our family. One is what I would call a REAL PIANIST, but who needs to learn to play keys with a band, I am a singer who needs to play along with confidence to lead the songs at times, another is a drummer who needs basic piano and ear training skills for the music school he will be attending, and another is a beginner with no musical training yet.

    We have ALL been learning from this program! It is so good! And it REALLY works!

    Thank you sooo much!

    • David Sprunger - January 28, 2014

      Cornelia - awesome! Your home sounds a whole lot like ours... My kids are musicians too. Today I had the very great privilege of doing a studio vocal job - with my daughter Amy playing guitar. Wow. Everyone loved her work and that really made me happy. So I understand how great it is when others in your family get involved. Keep me posted!

  14. Diane - March 5, 2014

    David!  I'm sooooo pumped,  I wanted to get your course a long time ago, didn't have the money at the time, then lost the link etc - here I am in 2014 and bumped into it by accident,  I play in a band now (for many years) but I have been stuck at the same spot for longer than I care to mention,  this is breathing new life into my fingers and into my whole space - can't thank you enough,  it's really the missing link for me to a whole new way to open up what I felt before was unaccessible to me but was yearning for .  Wow.  Ok enough blabbing, better go practice !

    • David Sprunger - March 28, 2014

      Diane - now you got me jazzed! Cool... I'm off to practice too ;)

  15. Roger Toye - March 28, 2014

    Like to thank you for making this available to us at such a reasonable price  for the download.  

    I have finished the pattern piano and keyboard lessons and really pleased how it has opened up the simplest of sings written around c f g and am.

    really liked opening up the chords 

    I seem to graduate to maj / 7ths so easily
    When I started this course it was my first real serious approach to lets get down and do this, turning off the television and spending that couple of hours a day on practicing, from not playing the piano at all. I had some travel in between (wherein i boldly went up to a piano in the hotel where i was staying after the evening entertainment was finished and started my first few songs  had some lovely encouraging comments) but soon got back into it when returning.  I have now written an album worth of songs  in the first 6 months with  the project being called Constance Road    

    Being a guitarist, and whistle player  I found that writing songs on the piano as now helped me both ways, by resurrecting old songs and transposing them to the piano  and helping me more adventurous on the guitar.   I find it easier to learn the theory  but hard to read music and play as I am very intuitive in my songwriting. 

    This is why playing by ear with rhythmic patterns as been so beneficial 
    I hope to post my first piano piece when I can nail it with the recording button on 

    Many thanks 

    Roger Toye

    • David Sprunger - March 28, 2014

      Roger! Wow. That message really made my day. Yes - I would love to hear a recording of your playing. Thanks again for taking the time to write :)

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