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"Ear Training 101", "Ear Training 102", "The Chord Voicings Vault" plus Resource files for "Blues 17"
Interactive CDROM

This disc contains three powerful programs that will bring your keyboard playing to the next level:

1) "Ear Training 101"
2) "Ear Training 102"

3) "The Chord Voicings Vault"

These programs are compatible with Windows or Mac Computers.

In addition, this CDROM contains all of the backing tracks ("practice tracks") for Blues 17, as well as all of the chord templates in printable .pdf format.

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Interactive CDROM

Details for "Ear Training 101":

Ever wish you could recognize notes and chords as easily as you recognize spoken words?

Designed to play in any version of Windows or Mac Computers, this interactive CDROM titled "Ear Training 101" will allow you to train your ears to a very high level - right at your computer. This has turned out to be one of the most helpful programs that we have ever released for our students.

Here's how the program works - After choosing a difficulty level, the program will play two notes, one after the other. Then, the program will mark the first note that was played. Your job is to click on the second note you heard.

At first, this is very difficult for most people, because we're not born with ears that are automatically tuned into the keyboard layout. However, after spending just 5 minutes a day with this program for a few months, you'll notice that you are able to find just about any note on the keyboard just by LISTENING!

Once your ears are trained to recognize any note on the keyboard, you'll gain the ability to find and play any note BY EAR.

Advanced levels of this full lesson also include the ability to run the program in "chord mode", which plays the notes at the same time.

Being able to recognize the intervals within chords is an essential skill for advanced keyboard players.

Details for "Ear Training 102":

Ear Training 102 builds on the skills developed in "Ear Training 101".

In this piano lesson, we'll use the time-honored technique of "Call and Response" to train your ears to play musical phrases "on the fly".

By learning to play phrases instantly, without the luxury of having time to think about which intervals were played, you'll gain the experience needed to play solos and melodies on the piano or the keyboard.

This is an essential skill - don't miss this lesson that contains over an hour and a half worth of content!

Details for "The Chord Voicings Vault":

Designed to play in any version of Windows or Mac Computers, this interactive CDROM titled "The Chord Voicings Vault" will take you way beyond the process of simply playing chords on the keyboard.

First, you'll see & hear how chords are constructed - all the way from triads through advanced chords with higher extensions. Then, you'll learn to "Voice" each one of these chords in unique ways to create brand new sounds on the keyboard.

This is a skill that the vast majority of keyboard players never explore.

Here are some of the things that this program will enable you to do:

Choose any type of chord - from simple triads through advanced jazz alterations. You can click any note and instantly see the chord on the keyboard.

Choose from many different "Voicings" - this is the real power here. By choosing different "Voicings", the program will display and play the chords as "Voiced Chords" - or notes spread out in unique ways to bring brand new life to tired chords!

Now in version 2.0 - this full lesson includes a 350 page eBook that will allow you to have instant access to over 100 voicings presented in the program! You can either use this massive reference onscreen, or simply print out the sections that you are currently studying.

Choose from different rhythm drum tracks that will lead you through the circle of 4ths (opposite to the circle of 5ths) with the chosen chord voicing so that it becomes very natural to your hands. Once you can play the chosen chord voicing through the circle of 4ths without having to think much about it, you'll be able to start using this new chord voicing in the songs that you play!

Details for the resource files for "Blues 17"

Blues 17 is a lesson that focuses in on the often overlooked technique of "Muscle Memory" for your hands.

The resource files included on this CDROM include all of the backing tracks ("practice tracks") for Blues 17, as well as all of the chord templates in printable .pdf format. (Full printing instructions included)

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