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"I'm an absolute beginner on the piano"
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"I can play from written music,
but I'd like to learn to play by ear"
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"I can play by ear, but I need improvement"
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"I can play chords, but they seem a bit boring to me"
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"I need to spice up my playing"
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"I play on a worship team"
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"Help! My fingers seem weak and slow"

All lessons are included in the Complete Bundle
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The Complete Lessons Bundle contains full versions of ALL lessons.
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The version shipped to you is jam packed with a total of 19 Video DVD, Interactive CDROM, and Audio CD discs plus the full-length book from "Pattern Piano and Keyboard".

The instant downloadable / streaming version is exactly the same content, but since nothing is shipped, the price is much lower.

This is a fantastic music education at a very economical price!

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