"How to Play Blues Piano" - Ch. 4 and 5

On this page:

- Your first nitty gritty Right Hand "Voicing".

- Putting it all together.

You've got your left hand working, now let's work on your right hand. Guess what? We're going to use our old buddies again - fifths, sixths and sevenths. This time however, the dominant seventh is going to be on the bottom.

I can hear you say "What? The Dominant 7th can't be on the bottom can it?" Of course it can - for instance, the dominant seventh of C Major is a B flat, but there are lots of B flats on the piano. With your right hand simply play any old B flat with your thumb and then play the third and the fifth of C major above that.

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You've got to get used to the notion that you can spread the notes of a chord out anywhere you want on the piano. This is what's meant by that term "voicing" a chord.

In our original piano course, Pattern Piano and Keyboard, we studied how you can take the notes of any chord and then voice them on the piano. Then we learned to play these voicings as Rhythmic Patterns - effectively giving you a powerful music vocabulary that you can use to play any song by ear!

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