"Rhythmic Piano - Course Overview"

In this video:

- A quick overview of the powerful piano lessons technique based on "Rhythmic Patterns".

So far I've demonstrated how you can play an entire song very simply using just one "Rhythmic Pattern".

As I mentioned, this is a very simplistic way to start, but as you may have noticed, it's musically very satisfying. In addition it's very easy to play - most piano lessons students can get to this point within the first hour of study.

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From here, the course will teach you a second simple "Rhythmic Pattern". Then we'll play the same song again. This time however we'll alternate the first pattern that we learned with this new pattern. Suddenly you'll see that the song comes to life. This is the point at which a piano lessons student can get pretty excited as they begin to grasp the incredible power of Rhythmic Patterns on the piano.

By the end of this piano lessons course, you'll have learned many different advanced college-level Rhythmic Patterns. In addition, you will have learned how to mix and match them all in an infinite variety of ways to create fantastic arrangements of songs that you want to play - by ear.

Talk about joy - as the author of this course, I've been happy to receive literally thousands and thousands of emails from piano lesson students who are so grateful to finally be able to play and express their own creativity on the piano!

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