"Combining Rhythmic Patterns in One Song"

In this video:

- We'll play the same song again. This time however, we'll use many different Rhythmic Patterns together to create a fantastic arrangement by ear!

Here's where the piano lessons get exciting! In the above example, I'll show you what it sounds like when you combine many different Rhythmic Patterns together to create a rich arrangement of the same song on the piano.

Again, you will find that the voice is taking the melody, so that the hands can concentrate on playing full, rich patterns around the melody. In this example, I use many different Rhythmic Patterns on the piano, some advanced, some simple.

The reason that this arrangement sounds rich and full is that I've combined all these different patterns together to create a unique sound. Learning to combine musical Rhythmic Patterns on the piano to play any song by ear is the #1 reason why this piano lessons course is so effective.

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If I was simply teaching piano lessons that would teach music students to mimic the patterns that I play, my students would quickly get bored. However, one of the strengths of this course is that I've taken extra time to teach the skill of combining these musical patterns in an infinite variety of ways. Because of this, the piano student is able to develop their own creativity and style on the piano.

This is a complete mind-blower for most people! Piano lessons and creativity? Down through the years this combination has been lacking. Usually the drill is that the student must learn to play exactly what's written on the page and nothing else (or else they might risk getting smacked on the knuckles with a ruler - yikes!).

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