"Phat Chord Voicings" - Chapter 3

This piano lesson is from the chapter of the 'Phat Chord Voicings' series and features the technique known as Crunch Chords.

So far in this series, we've been exploring the technique of opening up piano chords, creating 'open' voicings by taking the notes of chords and spreading them out on the piano.

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Today, we're going to take some of those same chords and go the opposite direction. Instead of 'opening up' the chords, and spreading them around on the piano keyboard, we'll compact the chords so that they always have at least two notes that are a whole step, or even a half-step apart on the piano.

This compact voicing of the chords is why they are called 'Crunch' chords, and they're extremely useful in creating chord progressions on-the-fly!

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